15 Freebies to Help you Live Healthier!

Nutrition supplements, protein powders, free gym memberships and more to keep you healthy for FREE!

Living a healthy life can get really expensive, and we all know how easy it is to stay away from the gym, or to go for fast food over a healthier options. Luckily, there are a TON of freebies that we find every day that are focused on making you healthier and helping you live a stress-free life.

The list below is a consistently updated selection of our topĀ  picks for the top health freebies available now. You can find free gym membership trials, nutrition supplements and vitamin samples, workout supplements and other free resources to help you get healthy quicker!

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1. Free Spring Samples

Spring is here! QualityHealth has been matching members with freebies, samples, content, and health offers for over 15 years. Simply sign up and see what you qualify for. It's easy and fun!Request this Freebie

2. Have a Happy Healthy Birthday with Smoothie King's Freebie

Smoothie King wants to help people be healthy, as you can see in the name Healthy Rewards. Earn points for spending, redeem them for discounts, and keep working toward a healthier you! The smoothie experts will treat you with a free smoothie on your birthday as a reward for your dedication.

Request this Freebie

3. Free Soybean Beverage

Get a free Sample of Q-CAN Plus. Learn more about the health benefits this unique beverage can have for you.Request this Freebie

4. Get 2 Free Amsety Nutrition Bars

Amsety Bar is the first nutrition bar to support liver health. Request a free sample from them for a limited time.Request this Freebie

5. Free Retro Fitness Gym Pass

Retro Fitness Gyms is giving people the opportunity to try out their gym for free with a complimentary guest pass that will be sent to you via email. Retro Fitness has over 150 convenient gym locations around the country!Request this Freebie

6. Free Tea Sample From Herbal Goodness - first 100 each month (check it at midnight)

Herbal Goodness, an online store that sells premium herbs and high quality superfoods online, offers 100 free samples of their premium tea every month. If you are one of the first 100 to request a free sample via the form for the month, you will be contacted to verify your contact information! The form refreshes monthly on the site.Request this Freebie

7. Free 1-Day Pass to Crunch Gym

Crunch gym's philosophy seeks to make working out fun. Don't believe exercising can be fun? Sign up for a one day free pass to Crunch gym and find out for yourself. Your pass included the hydromassage, HIIT classes, and more!Request this Freebie

8. Free Truvia Samples

Truvia Natural Sweeteners add natural, delicious flavors to otherwise boring foods and drinks. With free samples and coupons to redeem, you'll never have a dull meal again.Request this Freebie

9. Possible Free Sample of Smarty Pants Vitamins

Through Sampler you can apply to try a free sample of Smarty Pants Vitamins! Just take the health quiz to see if you qualify! Founded in 2011, Smarty Pants makes a variety of high quality supplements for adults and children.Request this Freebie

10. Free Anthelios Sunscreen UV Protect Sample SPF 70

Sign up to receive a free sample of La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen. This best selling sunscreen can be used for both the face and body.Request this Freebie

11. Free Impossible Beef or Pork Sample for Food Professionals

Impossible Meats is the meatiest plant-based meats around. Try a free sample to add to your menu if you are a food service professional.Request this Freebie

12. Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

The National Park Service has free entrance days throughout the year. If you're planning a trip in the future then take a look at this list and see if your schedule matches up!View Here

13. Prenatal Nutrition Samples from Vitafol

Vitafol has a selection of prenatal vitamins that you can request to sample for free. Complete their request form to receive a sample kit in the mail.Request this Freebie

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