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Hooked on Phonics uses a proven, simple and fun method to teach critical reading skills. Developed by leading educators, each session takes just 20 minutes or less. Join 5 million+ children who are getting better grades .

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Hooked on Phonics is a comprehensive reading program that uses a variety of techniques to teach children how to read and spell. The program is designed to be easy to follow and fun for children, with each session taking only 20 minutes or less to complete. This makes it an ideal choice for busy families who want to give their children the best chance to succeed in school.

The program is based on a proven method that has been tested and refined by leading educators. It starts with basic phonics skills, such as learning the sounds of individual letters, and gradually builds up to more advanced reading and spelling skills. Along the way, children are introduced to a variety of age-appropriate stories and activities that help to keep them engaged and motivated.

In addition to the core reading program, Hooked on Phonics also offers a range of supplementary materials and resources, including online games and activities, printable worksheets, and reading lists. These resources are designed to support children as they progress through the program and help them to develop their reading skills even further.

Overall, Hooked on Phonics is a highly effective program that has helped millions of children to become better readers and spellers. With its simple and fun approach, it is an excellent choice for parents who want to give their children the best possible foundation for success in school and beyond.

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